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Jude Foods is of India's leading fresh fish processor who has pioneered the art and science of fresh fish processing. Our production processes is complemented by the handpicked selection of best fresh fish, helping us create an array of nutritive high quality seafood at competitive prices. The products ranges from ready to cook portion packs to whole fish and fillets.  
The entire production procedures are driven by state of the art technology and personnel duly trained to insure that the products are of the highest quality and hygiene. With the major markets being Europe and the Middle East, the company is constantly endeavoring to bring value added products from wholesome fish servings to crustaceans and cephalopods.
Our processing facilities are equipped with the most modern production
The workforce at Jude foods form an integral part of the company's ambitious growth plans, as we believe each employee is a key
equipment; the personnel are highly qualified professionals who are well trained on the global standards of fresh seafood, which boasts of the high nutritional value and hygiene.
resource in generating true business value.The team of high calibre individuals holds an average experience of five years in the seafood industry.
Our state-of the art factory commenced a wide range of superior frozen value added products this year. 
Blessed with the biodiversity of the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, Cape Comorin is a rich resource of seafood.  And we bring you only the exceptional range of quality fishes and other seafood varieties.
    Many crustaceans are consumed by humans, and nearly 10,700,000 tons were produced in 2007; the vast majority of this output is of decapod crustaceans: crabs, lobsters, shrimp and prawns.   Many species of squid and octopus are eaten. Nautilus shells are often used decoratively, and the internal shell of a cuttlefish, or cuttle bone, is sold in the pet trade as a calcium source for birds.  
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